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Name:Hayley Marshall / Andrea Labonair
Birthdate:Jun 6, 1991
Location:New Orleans, Louisiana, United States of America
Warning: SPOILERS for S4 of The Vampire Diaries, through ep 4x18, below!

Hayley is a werewolf, but she didn’t know that until she was 16. She was given up for adoption when she was still a baby, and knows nothing about her real family. She had a pretty normal childhood with her adoptive family, but when she was 16 she was out on a boat with some friends, got drunk and, not realizing how drunk she was, drove the boat and accidentally killed someone. This triggered her werewolf gene, and on the next full moon she transformed into a wolf and proceeded to destroy the living room. The next morning, instead of trying to help her, her parents threw her out.
She’s been on her own since then, though she occasionally joins up with werewolf packs here and there for a bit, but she doesn’t have one of her own. When Tyler left Mystic Falls to try and find a way to break his sire bond to Klaus, he met Hayley and she was helped him break the bond. He left, and she figured Klaus probably killed him, but when she heard from another hybrid that Tyler was alive in Mystic Falls, she went looking for him. The two of them help Klaus’s other hybrids break their sire bond, as well—Tyler to free them, Hayley to exchange them for info on her birth family. Ultimately, Hayley betrayed Tyler and told Klaus of the plan to trap him in Rebekah’s body, so Klaus slaughtered his hybrids, giving Shane his sacrifice. Hayley’s payment for this was information on her birth family, and she fled town.
In New Orleans, searching for her family, she told Katherine about the cure for vampirism, so Katherine try and find it first, and bargain with Klaus for her freedom from his plan to kill her. Not needing Hayley anymore, Katherine put a hit out on her. Hayley turned to Klaus, who saved her life, then took her home and promised to protect her in exchange for info on the doppelganger. Hayley told him what she knew, and he promised to keep her safe. They ended up having sex. Klaus saw her birthmark and told her that he’s seen it before, but only on those of a very specific, powerful werewolf line that used to roam through Louisiana. Hayley demanded he tell her everything.
She left Mystic Falls and headed back to New Orleans, looking for more information on her family. A witch directed her toward the bayou, saying loup garoux still roamed in the bayou. Hayley took the map the witch gave her and headed out to the bayou, and it’s on that drive that she arrives in Darrow (episode 4x18). Unbeknownst to her, yet, the spirits told the witches that the balance of nature was shifting, and that Hayley was pregnant with Klaus’s child. The witches want to use her to get Klaus on their side. Hayley, however, figuring that Klaus, being a vampire as well as a wolf, can’t have children, has absolutely no idea.

Hayley has a tough exterior, what Klaus calls “charming bravado,” that she uses to cover up her abandonment issues and feeling of not really having a place in the world. She is fiercely protective of those she cares about, though that is a limited number of people as she is highly selective of who she cares about. However, even those people she cares about she can toss under the bus if needed—not without guilt, but she did sell out 12 hybrids to Klaus so she could get her information about her parents from Shane, and she liked some of those hybrids. She sold out Tyler, too, though she feels far more bad about that—she cares about him, after all. However, nothing is more important to her than finding out who she is, where she comes from. She’s lost and alone in the world, and she desperately wants her family.
She’s a bit of a tomboy, and doesn’t really see much point in things like beauty pageants and proms. She doesn’t tend to make friends with girls well, but can go toe-to-toe with the boys. She’s impulsive and snarky and tends to say things which can get her into trouble, but often those things are part of another plan--she’s a fantastic manipulator, capable of playing even Klaus and Katherine, and she has somewhat questionable morals. While she can be provocative, it’s all part of that bravado Klaus calls her on--a lot of it is a front, and her deep desire to find her family and her place in the world speaks to a lot of vulnerability inside.

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